Law Scanner has participated in the project “We can do the same”

Association Good people and Psychiatric Services in Valjevo realize the project “We can do the same” in the period October 2014 – January 2015. The aim of the project is a comprehensive aid in the treatment and Sustainable Development of addicts who are treated at the Psychiatric Service in Valjevo. United Nations Office on Drug and Crime supported the implementation of the project.

Law Scanner participated in activities related to the providing legal aid to persons with substance abuse disorders.

During the providing legal advice, it was pointed out that there is a need for legal protection in all areas of law, from health care to property laws.

The result of the project underlines that persons with substance abuse disorders are often unable to achieve their rights. This situation in practice is a reflection of the abuse of these people because they are not informed about legal remedies by authorities. .

Usually, problems arise in status matters such as deprivation of legal capacity. However, a large number of cases relating to property rights, criminal proceedings; followed by questions from the area of ​​family law, health and social care.