The Citizen’s Charter as the main fighter against corruption in the health institution

Donor: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Duration: 01.09.2015. – 31.12.2015.

Law Scanner organization, with the financial support of United Nations Development Program, from September the 1st continues working on project “Citizen’s Charter as the main fighter against corruption in health sector”.

The project is continued thanks to the success of the first phase of the project. In previous project were involved four Health institutions in the territory of the Republic of Serbia: Clinical Centre Nis, General Hospital in Pozarevac, Clinic for Maxillofacial surgery in Belgrade, general hospital “Djordje Joanovic” in Zrenjanin. Citizen’s Charter have contributed to improving transparency and reducing corruption in the health institutions.

The research of Euro Health Consumer Index Report from February 2015, which puts Serbia on 33rd place out of the total of 37 analyzed states in Europe, has shown that the level of corruption is still high in the health Sector. The research points out that the main problem of Serbia’s health system is patients’ limited access to information, a bad approach to medical care, unfavourable treatment outcomes and deeply rooted corruption. Law Scanner organization considers that the adoption of Citizen’s Charters will significantly contribute to increasing transparency in the work of health institutions and reducing corruption.

To remind, Citizen’s Charter is document that comes from England, and was created in order to make administration more transparent and accessible to citizens. Citizen’s Charter in Health institutions will contribute to improving respect of patients’ rights, raising the standards of services which citizens can expect, and better communication between healthcare professionals and patients, as well. Previously adopted Citizen’s Charters indicated that there is some progress in transparency of the work of health institutions, in better communication between healthcare professionals and patients are better informed about their rights and obligations.

The aim of this project is adopting new Citizen’s Charters in new health care institutions, thereby contributing to greater transparency and greater informed of patients, and therefore greater reduction of corruption.