Protection of patients’ rights: Equal to all patients

Donor: Fund for an Open Society
Duration: December 2011 – May 2012

Protection of patients’ rights in Serbia neither follows the quality of care that exists in European countries, nor is in line with EU standards. Patients’ rights and protection are regulated general by the Law on Health Care. In addition to the incomplete legislation, lack of information on the mechanisms of protection has a negative influence to protect.

To protect own rights patients can file a complaint to the Protector of the patient’s rights. The protector should decide about complaint objectively, professionally, and deliver a response to the patient within eight days. However, some of the legal norms in practice are completely unenforceable. This discrepancy has caused the ineffective work of the Protector.

During the Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015) co-operation of NGOs and the Ministry of Health contributed to the improvement of primary health care for the Roma population. Activities that have been implemented are the only basis for improving care. As the patients’ rights develop continuously it is necessary to monitor whether it is equally apply to the Roma population.

The idea of the project “Protector of the patients’ rights: equal to all patients” is to increase the “health” awareness of general and professional public in order to strength the position and protection of human rights in the health area by promoting patients’ rights and to ensure equal access Protector of Roma patients.

Report: Protection of patients’ rights