Law Scanner is a new non-governmental organization whose main objective is protection of citizens’ rights in terms of health and social policy. One of the most important reasons for establishing Law Scanner was nonexistence of organization in Serbia directly dealing with protection of citizens’ rights in terms of health (Patient Rights). We emphasize that entire problem is viewed from standpoint of law, not medicine. Law Scanner is represented by people who have recognized the need to establish an organization that would actively engage in this issue. Entire team of the organization has a long experience in NGO sector, fighting for human rights.

Also, we underline that citizens are not informed about ways and mechanisms that can be used when their patient rights are violated. In this area, one more important problem could be highlighted. Functioning of state bodies in charge of patient rights protection is not in conformity with laws and international conventions. This is highly relevant when patient does not receive adequate health service.

Beginning of health care reform brought a new legal standard that had to be in line with EU standards. However, most of the standards in practice have a weak application or no application at all. Basis for patient rights violation are uninformed citizens (patients) and resistance of employees, who work in relevant bodies, to apply new legal framework.

The first necessary steps are influencing awareness of citizens and pointing out importance of their own health care, informing what are negative effects on health and what could patients do to improve it.

On the other hand, the main goal of Law Scanner is to protect patients from medical errors, doctors’ mistakes and to increase responsibility of doctors in carrying out their activities. Indicator of poor patient protection is the lack of case law. Although the Criminal Code incriminates certain acts against health, citizens of Serbia do not have confidence in courts, nor courage to engage in conflict with doctors.

In line with its goals, Law Scanner will provide legal aid to citizens when their rights, as patients, are violated.

Regarding social policy, Law Scanner protects social rights of citizens. Social care system includes economic, political, legal measures and activities to prevent possible individual and group social problems. Every citizen has social rights despite of his age, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

According to our goals Law Scanner considers segments of social care from viewpoint of law and social policy. Law Scanner will point out problems in our community related to social care, will actively participate in building stable social system and will propose solutions for identified problems.

As there are no human rights that could be determined as more or less important, Law Scanner will support and participate in every initiative for human rights protection.

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