Visit to roma community in Belgrade


Within the project ’’Protector of patients’ rights: equal for all patients’’, supported by Fund for an open society, Law Scanner team has visited Roma settlement ‘Orlovsko naselje’ in Belgrade. During the visit of this legalized Roma settlement located in Zvezdara municipality, inhabited by Roma communities displaced from several settlements in the city, we had informal interviews among the members of Roma community referred to most frequent problems they are facing, concerning their perception of quality of health care provided by medical centers, requirements when visiting the medical staff, as well as established cooperation with Mediators in the local medical center.

Beside all this, they pointed out the problems with gaining adequate health care for adults and children, as well as reasons for lack of awareness about their rights concerning health care. The women we interviewed pointed out problems they have with scheduling examinations which are usually too long, unpleasant situations when giving birth, and examinations in gynecology and obstetrics facilities, as well as paying for children examinations in some hospitals.