Public debate on the Law on the Protection of Patients’ Rights

Ministry of Health organized public debate in Belgrade on the Draft of Law on the Protection of Patients’ Rights and Draft of Law on Protection of Persons with Mental Disabilities. Law Scanner team, as one of participants, took the opportunity to introduce Minister of Health with purpose and activities of the project “Patients’ Rights – State Responsibility” which the main goal is advocacy on the adoption of the Law on the Protection of Patients’ Rights but also on defining articles which will manage to protect patients’ rights.

Minister of Health Slavica Djukic Dejanovic emphasized the importance of participation civil society organizations in process of adoption the Law and said that each proposal will be consider in the final text of the Law on the Protection of Patients’ Rights.

Minister also announced that with this Law we can expect some new elements in relations between doctors and patients. She also stressed significant role of Protectors of Patients’ Rights in the future and which conditions must be fulfilled on order to provide their independent and neutral position.

At the end Paula Thiede, Deputy Head of OSCE mission in Serbia, gave her strong support to improvement of inadequate legislation regarding patients’ rights as an important step to achieve protection of human rights in Serbia.