Promotion of patients’ rights in Serbia

At the end of January, “Law Scanner” team had several activities that included visits to health institutions in Belgrade, Kraljevo and Subotica.

On January 24th, we visited several institutions in Belgrade-health center Savski venac, Institute of Urology and Nephrology, and health center Banjica. Similar to the previous activities of our organization, we talked with patients giving them information about our activities, and more important, information regarding the implementation of health care.

Also, in the previous days we visited health centers in Kraljevo and Subotica where we had the opportunity to talk with the Protector of patients’ rights in these institutions. Complaints of the patients are rather similar and mainly related to long waiting lists and small number of drugs covered by insurance.

We used the visit to these cities to collect signatures for a Petition for adoption of the Law on the Protection of patients’ Rights and its implementation. Also, we want to point out that in both cities we had a satisfactory response by citizens.