Children, young and patients’ rights


Non governmental organization Law Scanner continues with activities in the raelization of the project “Patient rights-country responsibility”.

On January 11 2013, Law Scanner team visited University Children’s Hospital in Tirsova street; also team visited Clinical Center of Serbia where they talked with patients getting to know them more about their rights and ways to protect them.

Patients showed interest in wanting to be informed and leaflets that our team sheared helped significantly.

Also, in order to approach students and getting them more informed about this, certainly an important topic, on January 17, Law Scanner activists visited the Students Health Clinic where the conversation with the students came to the conclusion that this population is poorly informed about patients’ rights, the manner of their implementation and the protection of their rights.

This is corroborated by the fact that none of the students they talked to werent familiar with the patient’s rights Ombudsman Institute, which indicates a very low awareness and therefore such activities are very valuable not only for students but also for the citizens in general.