• Government Advisers:Computerized medical records could create unforeseen safety problems

      WASHINGTON — The nation’s transition to electronic medical records, now in full swing, risks overlooking potential patient safety problems, independent advisers warned the Obama administration Tuesday.

    • First european cross-border healthcare simulation

      The first ever European simulation on the impact of the EU Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border health care was held in Brussels in November.
      The right of EU citizens to access planned healthcare across borders has been one of the most hotly debated health policy issues at EU level in recent years.

    • Hiv and human rights in Canada

      On World AIDS Day, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network would like to draw your attention to some of the most pressing issues for people living with or vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive, as the fight to stem the tide of this epidemic is multi-faceted and complex.

    • World bank approves eur 100 million policy

      The World Bank Board of Directors approved Thursday the Policy Based Guarantee (PBG) of EUR 100 million, which provides partial coverage for Macedonia borrowing of EUR 130 million from the international bank loan market.

    • “Patients need rights” CQC chief insists

      15 November, 2011 | Great Britain
      Patients should have a set of rights they can expect to be upheld in their care in order to improve standards in hospitals and other care settings, according to the head of the Care Quality Commission.

    • Patient’s rights expanded

      Changes to the patients’ rights act, which the government has endorsed, are introducing the right to a second opinion at all levels of treatment and limit waiting time of patients to 60 minutes, Health Minister Dorjan Marusic told the press on Tuesday.
      In line with the act, patients will have the right to ask the doctor to refer them to another specialist.

    • Visit to roma community in Belgrade

      Within the project ’’Protector of patients’ rights: equal for all patients’’, supported by Fund for an open society, Law Scanner team has visited Roma settlement ‘Orlovsko naselje’ in Belgrade.

    • Turkish patients complain about lack of rights

      Patient Rights Day was commemorated yesterday in Turkey amid complaints from many patient rights activists who argue that the “Full-Time Law” has increased the waiting time for people seeking treatment at university hospitals.

    • Promotion of patients’ rights in Serbia

      At the end of January, “Law Scanner” team had several activities that included visits to health institutions in Belgrade, Kraljevo and Subotica.
      On January 24th, we visited several institutions in Belgrade-health center Savski venac, Institute of Urology and Nephrology, and health center Banjica.

    • Representation of the report: Protection of Patients’ Rights – equal for all Patients

      After successful completion of the project „ Protector of patients’ rights-equal rights for all patients“, supported by Fund for an open society, Law Scanner team represented the report „Protection of patients’ rights-equal for all patients“.

    • Independent and effective institution as guarantee of the protection of the patients’ rights

      Donor: The Foundation for an Open Society
      Duration: December 2012. – July 2013.
      ”Law Scanner” is conducting activities on the project “Independent and effective institution as guarantee of the protection of the patients’ rights” funded by The Foundation for an Open Society.

    • Henry Ford Health System will pay for failing

      System accused of not supplying sign language interpreters
      Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System will pay $70,000 to family members of a patient who said the system failed to provide sign language interpreters during a hospitalization in 2004, according to a settlement signed Wednesday with the U.S. Justice Department.

    • Focus group report

      The Law Scanner held a focus group on April 25 2013. in Belgrade. This focus group, like the previous one that was held in Novi Sad on April 12 2013, was organized in collaboration with the Office of the National and Provincial Ombudsman and the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

    • Children, young and patients’ rights

      Non governmental organization Law Scanner continues with activities in the raelization of the project “Patient rights-country responsibility”.

    • Patients’ rights promotion on Human rights day

      Civil society organization “Law Scanner” commemorated Human Rights Day setting up the stand in Knez Mihailo Street, in order to promote patients’ rights. Law Scanner activists shared leaflets and USBs raising public awareness about patients’ rights and protection mechanisms.

    • Law scanner team in municipality of Cukarica

      Our team visited the health center, “Dr Simo Milosevic” in the Belgrade municipality of Cukarica. Although we did not get permission of competent authority to talk with patients in the premises of the institution, we did it in front of this health institution.